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Guest post: Evolving the Human Machine Interface

May 2nd 2014


Mike Nichols authos a post that takes a look at the origins of the natural gesture interface its importance as we move into VR and AR interfaces. 


Guest post: Harnessing the Power of Human Vision

May 14th 2014


Mike Nichols authos another post for Games Alfresco Blog. This time Mike takes a look at the importance computer vision, in particular depth vision, will play as we transition away from screen only interfaces.


Guest post: Evolving the Human Machine Interface

May 19th 2014


As the saying goes, the third times the charm. In another guest post to Games Alfresco Blog Mike Nichols offers insite into the core of what creates true presence in VR.


AWE 2014: Designing Hardware for the Interactive World 

June 2nd 2014


Eric Krzeslo presents the development of 3D vision and the broad use cases that will enable rich interactive experiences for AR and VR. Pay close attention to the end and you can just catch a glimpse of our new's so small you might miss it!


Interview: SoftKinetic Aims to Help Us Reach into Virtual Worlds

Feb 25th 2014


 Mike Nichols sits down with Road to VR to talk about the challenges facing intereactivity within VR and  how SoftKinetic is developing a solution that brings true body awareness. 


Gamers Nexus: SoftKinetic AR Gesture Input Allows 3D Manipulation with Hands 

Jan 14th 2014


 Tim Droz at CES shows off SoftKinetic's VR development toolkit including the Senz3D camera and 3D  printed bracket for attaching the camera to the Oculus DK1. Tim also shows off the next generation of  DepthSense embeded sensors.


VR Meetup in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Paris and Brussels

Oct & Nov 2014


 Wow! October and November were busy months for meetups around the globe. We hope you enjoyed  them as much as we did!


Inside AR: Why VR Needs 3D Vision Technology 

November 2014


 Eric Krzeslo presents at Inside AR, the Augmented Reality Conference, held in Munich at the end of  October. In his presentation, Eric discusses the technology we need to achieve true AR and why depth  vision and recognition is a critical component to the future of VR.


CES: Why VR Needs 3D Vision Technology 

Janurary 2015


 RTL, the French-language TV station in Belgium, takes a ride to CES this year with Eric Krzeslo and  discovers a few solutions SoftKinetic is developing. From Sony PS4 full-body tracking to integrating  depth-vision and finger-tracking for VR. [French language]


OSVR: SoftKinetic AR Gesture Input Allows 3D Manipulation with Hands 

February 2015


 SoftKinetic is excited to announce our support for OSVR. We're developing our ReachVR toolkit for  OSVR, which includes our DepthSense sensor and hand-tracking middleware, and have some exciting  new features and demo's in development. Stay tuned for more details!


IDG: SoftKinetic 3D Camera Brings New Level of Interaction to VR 

March 2015


SoftKinetic's depth-sensing camera attaches to the Oculus Rift headset and lets you use your actual hands in a virtual reality game. Check it out!


VRFOCUS: SoftKinetic Bringing Hand and Finger Recognition to VR

March 2015


Earlier in the week the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) ecosystem announced a new range of supporters that had come on-board. Among them was 3D vision and gesture recognition company, SoftKinetic. 


VR Meetup in Brussels

September 2015


Join us at the VR Meetup in Brussels on Sept 4 and discover 12 VR demos and listen some inspiring talks on the future of VR. 


NEWS: SoftKinetic Teams with Vrvana to Create First VR Headset With Time-of-Flight Embedded Camera

June 2015


We're delighted to announce that our DepthSense® 536 module will be embedded in the new Vrvana Totem VR headset, enabling positional tracking for virtual reality. 


Upload VR: Softkinetic and Vrvana Partner to Bring Positional Tracking to Mobile VR

June 2015


To anyone familiar with VR, positional tracking has become a practical "must have" in achieving a sense of bodily presence in a virtual space.


SoftKinetic at VR World Congress 

12 April 2016


Join us at the VR World Congress in Bristol on April 12 and learn more about 3D depth-sensing for multi-user VR during SoftKinetic co-founder and CMO Eric Krezslo's presentation.

VR Meetup in Brussels

16 April 2016


Join us at the VR Meetup in Brussels on April 16: you will discover our latest VR demos and listen some inspiring talks on the future of VR.